Points Introduction In Online Casino

The casino provides tangible rewards for loyal players.

In order to cultivate loyal players, casinos will often provide a variety of novel and unique rewards such as gifts, travel and shopping, which are obtained by players through points. Once the player appears to be a valuable customer, the casino will immediately redeem the rewards, among which loyal players will be treated as VIPs and can enjoy the above treatments. For big gamblers who bet hundreds of dollars, the casino will give more generous rewards. Premium gifts such as air tickets, luxury cars and suite fees.

Many casinos have so-called player reward clubs. Members will receive a plastic card. The magnetic strip on it will save information including the amount of bet and game time. Players insert the card into the machine they are playing, or the casino computer. The points reward system will automatically perform statistics and reach the corresponding point value. Players can redeem buffets, commodities, accommodation fees or cash.

Some casino slot clubs require players to be equipped with special assistants to reward points that meet the requirements.

In table games, the player also has a plastic card, and is equipped with a record bet, average bet, and frequent casino supervisors. The bet is the number of chips the player buys with cash.

The basic points calculation elements include expected loss, time invested by the player, number of times or laps played per hour, average bet and percentage of house advantage.

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